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COMPLETED: Koisuru Hahatachi

I officially create a website for my subbing works! Finally!

I will be a newbie in subbing dramas, so I think I will need lots of practice. As I am eyeing some dramas next season, I’ll pick up one drama this season as a warm up/experiment! Will post later about the dramas I’m eyeing next season 😍

This season, I actually am eyeing all TBS dramas. I love them. Kiken na Venus, Kono Koi Atatamemasuka, Koisuru Hahatachi. TBS dramas are always very good, so I’m expecting other experienced subbers will have already claimed them. But then I found that no one claimed Koisuru Hahatachi yet! How can that be! Well, I also started watching this drama a bit late, since at first glance I was not really interested πŸ˜†

But apparently it’s a good drama, the quick paced storyline and rich characters keep me at the edge of my seat every time. So, this drama will be the first that I’ll sub. And the only drama I will sub this season.


5 thoughts on “COMPLETED: Koisuru Hahatachi

  1. Hi, isn’t this drama available on Japanese streaming site Paravi? Do you have a Paravi account and able to access or watch every programmes that available in there?


    1. Hi, the one that’s on Paravi is the spinoff drama, Koisuru Otokotachi. While the regular drama is aired on Nationwide TV.


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