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COMPLETED: Yoru ga Dorehodo Kurakutemo

Now that I’ve finally caught up with Koihaha and it’s almost finished, I tried to pick up another drama. This is a 4-episodes drama only, I’ve tried the first episode and it seems doable. I’m calculating my subbing speed and planning schedules should I decide to sub more than one drama for one season.

Well, I’ll be alternating the subbing between this and Koihaha. It’s quite a heavy story with difficult dialogs, I hope my translation skill is good enough for this drama!

Plot Synopsis

Michinari Shiga (Takaya Kamikawa) works as a deputy editor for weekly magazine Shukan Jiryu. The magazine has seen a rise in its sales by breaking numerous scandals. Michinari Shiga lives his life faithfully as a journalist, but his life suddenly changes. His son, who attends a university, kills someone he has stalked and then kills himself. Instead of chasing after scandals, Michinari Shiga now finds himself the target of other journalists. He is also demoted to another magazine and his relationship with his wife deteriorates. He falls into a desperate situation, but he approaches the truth behind his son’s case.


Michinari Shiga – Takaya Kamikawa
Wataru Inami – Shigeaki Kato
Hoshino Nanami – Yui Okada
Kazuki Nagasawa – Taizo Harada
Naotoshi Norikai – Katsumi Takahashi


(source: AsianWiki)


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