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Yoru ga Dorehodo Kurakutemo episode 03

The third episode! It’s again a very busy episode with many new findings, which I think will lead to the truth on next episode, the last one!

There was a number of media terms that were mentioned in this episode. One of them is the part-time job terrorism. They already mentioned about this on previous episode, but since it’s become a more important issue, I’ll explain more here.

  • Part-time job terrorism: A Japanese social phenomenon; part-time employees perform pranks and stunts, such as climbing into ice cream freezers or holding their body horizontally suspended, more colloquially termed ‘planking’, on the counter-tops at fast-food restaurants, usually with the sole purpose of gaining recognition from their peers through the photos and/or videos they later display on social media sites. (taken from Wikipedia)
    Part-time terrorism is mainly caused by employees of restaurants and retail stores using their products (especially food), furniture and other equipment.
  • Media scrum: A scrum is an informal interview with a horde of photographers and/or journalists who normally gather around the person they interview. 

In this episode, Inami played quite an important role and was stuck with Shiga almost the whole time, so we get more screen time of him! šŸ¤©

Only the last episode remaining now! What actually happened and who actually is the real murderer…?

Episode 3 download

[1920×1080 | 50 mins | 1.34 GB]

PS: I still haven’t decided if I will do Koihaha ep 9 first or Yoru ep 4 first. I’m quite torn since both are the last episodes ^^; I guess I’ll watch both then compare XD


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