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Yoru ga Dorehodo Kurakutemo episode 04 [END]

Yahhoo! The last episode from this series is done! Means it’s the last thing I subbed for this season!

The last episode was so unpredictable. To think that actually that guy is the real culprit??? Who guessed it? Well certainly I didn’t expect it at all XD I think, the ending is really good, and it doesn’t leave anything unclear. Everything was made clear, and I can accept everything that happened to all the characters.

Oh and I love the last scene very much! I saw the very lovely photo from the official Twitter before I actually watched the last episode and I thought I had to post it here! I love all the casts too, Kamikawa, Kato, Okada, I love everyone! Okada Yui’s acting was so good I got teary with her even as when I’m subbing the scene 😢

I’m not spoiling anything so this time I’ll just post the photos at the bottom of the post! Don’t scroll to the bottom if you hate spoilers 😅

The point is it’s a good drama! I’m glad I picked this drama and managed to finish until the end!

Thank you for watching and for bearing with me as I’m subbing this series 🙂 Now please enjoy, and see you on my next project! (hopefully ^^)

Episode 4 download

[1920×1080 | 49 mins | 1.34 GB]


5 thoughts on “Yoru ga Dorehodo Kurakutemo episode 04 [END]

  1. Thank you for this drama ^^
    It has many good points and aspects to ponder.
    The mainly is how much the media can influence, in a bad way if they misrepresent the truth…

    It is a good aspect to ponder ^^ thanks for your great work. I also love all actors and see you next season with your new project (I look forward to it) 😊

    Happy Holidays~♡


    1. Thank you for your comments!
      I’m glad you enjoyed it. Yes I agree, it also includes a sensitive topic about media and how they can actually change people’s life. The power of media is really frightening.

      Happy holidays to you to! 💓


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