Shitteru Wife episode 01

Here’s the first episode of Shitteru Wife!

This episode was quite packed with the main characters and story introduction. As expected, what took the Korean version 3 episodes, the Japan version only needs 1 episode to fit them all in. Actually when I was watching the Korean version, I totally guessed that this will be the part where they’ll end first episode, and I guessed correctly 😀 There are some different parts from the Korean version, let’s see how they’ll play out until the end.

Motoharu is a useless husband, and Mio got stressed out by her daily routines. They have 2 kids, not that financially prosperous, and they’re living their days tough. The side characters didn’t really show up in this episode except for Motoharu’s 2 best friends. I can already imagine I’ll love their brotherhood 😀 We get a glimpse of the past as well, how Motoharu first met Mio.

Overall I love the drama and as what Alice-chan said, the theme song really comes in the perfect timing it’s almost cheating XD The song and the lyrics give me goosebumps.

Please enjoy!

Episode 1 download

[1920×1080 | 57 mins | 1.96 GB]

Alternative [1280×720 | 57 mins | 1.26 GB]

PS: I couldn’t find the raws available immediately after airing so I used my own raw for this hardsub, thus the big size. I’m making it available in 720p as well for smaller size file.


16 thoughts on “Shitteru Wife episode 01

  1. Thank you so much for your hardwork! Since I was so interested with this drama, it took me two days to finish the Korean version. Couldnt wait for the next episode. And actually I fall in love with Hirose Alice acting in this drama. She acted so well as mom and wife (gonna miss the kids).


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