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Shitteru Wife episode 03

Episode 3 of Shitteru Wife.

Many more flashbacks on Motoharu & Mio’s past. The days they spent dating, how Motoharu proposed to Mio, etc. In the current time, Motoharu can’t help getting attracted to Mio as he was curious about Mio’s true self.

Motoharu seems to grow dissatisfaction towards Egawa family? Possible future conflict with Sayaka? Tsuyama made a move to Mio… the relationship of the characters are getting complicated.

But the shocking thing was the last scene. What Mio’s mother said… what is going on?

Motoharu is becoming more and more terrible each episode, I wonder how low they will make him be, before he gains his conscious back and tries to make things right for everyone.

Episode 3 download

[1920×1080 | 46 mins | 1.64 GB]


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