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Shitteru Wife episode 04

Sorry for the long wait! Here’s Shitteru Wife episode 04.

I start to empathize more about Mio and think that Motoharu was really cruel, but I can’t get myself to hate him too! Motoharu’s dissatisfaction towards Sayaka’s family seems more obvious now?

The relationship between Motoharu – Mio – Tsuyama – Sayaka got more complicated as Tsuyama seemed to be serious about Mio. Meanwhile, Motoharu started to find new things about Mio that he failed to notice in the previous life. Sayaka seems to get in the picture soon and creates another conflict? It’s getting more interesting!

Episode 4 download

[1920×1080 | 46 mins | 1.64 GB]


4 thoughts on “Shitteru Wife episode 04

  1. I dont like how they emphasize more on Motoharu’s fault for their failed marriage. even when he married Sayaka also the marriage starts falling down.
    original version managed to potray their mistake as a couple than the husband alone. hopefully it will get better.

    as always, thanks for the sub!


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