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Shitteru Wife episode 09

2 more episodes until the last! I like it that they did the details kind of differently than the original drama, I love the ending of this episode!

Overall this was a bittersweet episode but I can’t take my eyes off until the very end.

The situation in this episode is already the worst it can be. All our main characters suffer. Motoharu, Mio, Tsuyama, Sayaka, even Kida and Nagisa as well. Like, no matter what they choose to do from now on, someone will end up getting hurt. It’s a chaos. Although I know what will happen in the original drama, I kind of hope they won’t go that path.

Episode 9 download

[1920×1080 | 46 mins | 1.53 GB]

He finally calls her Mio!!! I’ve been repeating this scene endlessly and still can’t get enough of it…


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