Shitteru Wife episode 10

The penultimate episode!

I’m quite surprised that Motoharu’s decision comes in this episode. While on the K-counterpart, this decision came in like 4 episodes before the last? So if they’re going to stay true to the original drama, they will need to squeeze these 4 last episodes into one? ^^; Well, up until now I think the J-version has done a really great job on the adaptation, and I can’t wait to see how they’ll end the story.

*In this episode, I inserted the translation of a part of the theme song by Kanjani8 “Kimi to Mitai Sekai”. Thanks to infinitysubs for letting me use their translation for this! ❤

Episode 10 download

[1920×1080 | 45 mins | 1.55 GB]

PS: I really love the scene at the night sea so much that I’m making it the featured image! Too bad I can’t seem to find any still photos of this scene with Mio in it, otherwise it will be perfect 😀

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