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Shitteru Wife episode 11 [END]

The last episode.

This drama is also coming to an end 😦 I had so much fun subbing this drama, it’s kind of sad that it’s finished.

This episode got me teary on some scenes, the feelings of the characters really touched me, they did a great job in this drama!

Love the ending, it’s the best! It’s the kind of ending that makes it worth watching the previous 10 episodes and getting all emotional each time, because they’re giving us such a wonderful ending! It’s definitely one of the most enjoyable dramas this season 🙂 Loved all the casts and the characters too!

PS: I love this one better than the original version ^^ I’ve said it multiple times that the overall plot is the same, it’s just the details that’s different. Especially the development that leads to the ending, it feels more convincing and refreshing for me. At least we get to know what really happened to Koike-san, and it kind of explained how Mio’s mom was able to remember Motoharu from their previous life (there’s no direct explanation about Mio’s mom, but I think we can conclude something from Koike-san’s story). Love it so much and I’m glad I chose to sub this drama!

I hope you enjoyed it too, and see you on my next project ^^ (which I haven’t decided yet XD)

Episode 11 download

[1920×1080 | 45 mins | 1.60 GB]


16 thoughts on “Shitteru Wife episode 11 [END]

  1. Woaaaaaahhh so faaaaaaaaast, thank you for picking up this project and subbing so fast, I really enjoyed the show despite a “not so great start”… so I’m really grateful X3


  2. thank you so much for sharing this! I loved the ending (didn’t watch the original though, so no references). the series made me laugh, made me cry and made me think a lot. There’s chemistry between Mio and Motoharu, and all the other characters are endearing. hearts all around!


  3. Hi,

    I enjoyed this drama from start to end. Maybe because I’m a fan of Okura but you did a great job subbing this drama. Thank you so much for subbing and sharing it with everyone.


  4. Thank you so much citrinesubs for subbing this drama. Your subs are great! ♥️
    I was not expecting to love this one so much but I ended up loving it!


  5. I thoroughly enjoyed this drama, and have watched many portions of episodes over and over. Alice is so beautiful and plays a scary angry woman realistically as well. I thought it was so poignant when in her series of dreams she also sees herself being ‘crazy’ angry…goose bumps. Her performance range was very believable, which made her character seem very real to me. Almost like I knew many sides of her. A well-done drama, and I enjoyed your very reader-friendly and expressive subs which opened it up like a present for me to see and understand. [I admit I heavily balked at your choice of using ‘bullshit’ where I believe ‘liar’ would have been the better choice, but I understand and respect that it was your creative decision]. Thanks again for bringing this jewel of a drama to my attention, and each time I watch and re-watch scenes and episodes, know that I am thankful to you again and again and again.


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