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COMPLETED: Company ~Gyakuten no Swan~

Honestly, I started watching this drama because I fell in love with short-haired Kurashina Kana. I had no expectations at all but it turned out to be a very interesting drama. Before I knew it, I binged all episodes in 2 days. I was hooked up from the first episode, but it wasn’t until ep 5 that I decided to sub this drama. I just have to. The message in ep 5 really got me!

This is a lighthearted drama, but the ballet part reminds me of my childhood and honestly it’s very beautiful. In the end, it also conveys a message of life, how there are ups and downs, how no one will always be on top and vice versa, and most importantly, how money is important, but it doesn’t always have to be the deciding factor. It has a warm ending as well, all the characters are lovable, so I don’t see a reason why this drama shouldn’t be subbed!

So here I am with my next project!

Plot Synopsis

Aoyagi Seiichi is a salaryman who has been in the General Affairs Department at Ariake Pharmaceutical ever since he joined the company. One day, he suddenly ends up facing the threat of layoff after Ariake Pharmaceutical goes through a merger. He is told that he will be demoted to a “Layoff Waiting Room”. Aoyagi is given a chance to return to the company by his boss Wakisaka Eiichi. His mission is to make the performance of Swan Lake by Shikishima Ballet, a ballet company which Ariake Pharmaceutical has been sponsoring, a success. This is an unreasonable demand that is near impossible for Aoyagi who is a complete stranger to ballet. As if to hit him with another blow on the same day, Aoyagi’s wife Etsuko leaves home with their daughter without any warning and the house becomes like an empty shell. What exactly went wrong when he had been living honestly? The next day when a disconsolate Aoyagi arrives for work at the “Layoff Waiting Room”, he meets Segawa Yui, a sports trainer who has also been demoted. With his wife’s ballet diary as his only clue, Aoyagi faces the world of ballet which is totally foreign to him.


Inohara Yoshihiko
as Aoyagi Seiichi

Oda Risa
as Takasaki Minami

Konishi Manami
as Aoyagi Etsuko

Kurashina Kana
as Segawa Yui

Furukawa Yuta
as Minakami Nayuta

Nishimura Masahiko
as Wakisaka Eiichi

Miyao Shuntaro
as Takano Haruka

Sakai Miki
as Tanaka Noa

Kuroki Hitomi
as Shikishima Mizuho

(source: jdramas @ wordpress)


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