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Company ~Gyakuten no Swan~ episode 02

Episode 2!

Kuroki Hitomi was sure graceful, even at the sight of her alone I can feel her intimidatingly beautiful aura. I love her character here! This episode focuses on the wonderful relationship between Mizuho-sensei and Takano… I’m always weak towards relationships like this! The stern teacher and the arrogant disciple, when they actually open their heart and show their true feelings… T_T

At the end of the episode, we get another problem! I love how this drama always solves one problem and comes up with another one at the end of each episode.

Look at Aoyagi the crybaby sobbing so hard that Segawa had to lend him her handkerchief ^^;

Episode 2 download

[1920×1080 | 49 mins | 2.02 GB]


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