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Company ~Gyakuten no Swan~ episode 05

This is such a wonderful episode! I’ve said it in my previous post but this is my fave episode!!! The relationship they’re building with each others, the human-side of even the strongest or the most arrogant characters… the revelations made in this episode is very touching!

Actually there’s this one scene in this episode that makes me decide to sub this drama. I love this scene THAT much. Probably this means nothing to others but it just thrust me so deep.

Finally the stage show is starting to take shape, with all the casts are gathered and the press conference will be set. But there are still conflicts in between the casts and the rest of Company members. Takano Haruka ran away? Nayuta the arrogant idol ruins the mood of the whole Company? This is certainly one interesting episode.

Episode 5 download

[1920×1080 | 49 mins | 1.23 GB]

Pardon me of the many screenshots I took, I just love this episode that much!

And this is the scene that I mentioned above! The harsh reminder of idealism vs reality. And it ouch me so much ><


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