Rikokatsu episode 02

Here’s episode 2 of Rikokatsu!

I’m enjoying this drama so far, and loving this couple more and more! Koichi is as funny as ever lol. There seems to be conflicts with other parties like Saki’s ex-boyfriend and Koichi’s coworker, but I’m glad that at least up to this episode there’s no sign of affair being one of possible future conflicts, and I hope they stay that way.


Episode 2 download

[1920×1080 | 45 mins | 1.73 GB]


5 thoughts on “Rikokatsu episode 02

  1. Enjoying Rikokatsu so much! Eita and Keiko are wonderful actors and are portraying their characters perfectly.
    Thank you Citrine subs for the great job! I am really looking forward to episode 3.


  2. Sorry to be coming into this so late! I just started watching but episodes 2 and 3 downloads have been removed. Is there any way I can get them? I want to watch them all! Thanks in advance if you can help.


    1. Hi, the file is still there in my cloud but it seems MF has removed it due to copyright issues.
      I also posted the softsub at DA, you can still get the softsub if you want to watch it.


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