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Rikokatsu episode 06

At the end of previous episode, all 3 couples have signed their divorce papers. This episode tells us about what happened since then, about Koichi & Saki and their parents, and about their marriages too.

I’m actually quite happy that they focused this episode to Saki and Koichi’s relationship, with only little interruption from other people. It’s quite funny how Minazuki Ren was so annoying and all over Saki last episode, but he’s quite calm and obedient this episode lol.

The scene where Pale Blue starts playing is so on point that I took the liberty of translating the lyrics. Of all the episodes so far, I think this episode suits the lyrics the most, and the scene looked much more meaningful with the song. It’s purely my interpretation. There are some lines that are not literally translated, I hope they still make sense and give the correct nuance.

Hope you enjoy (crying) this episode too! 😁

Episode 6 download

[1920×1080 | 45 mins | 1.61 GB]


Can I say something please? I can’t keep this to myself!

What a frustrating episode!!!! 😭

I cried like an idiot again this episode T__T I swear if I’m not subbing this drama, I would definitely postpone watching this episode until next episode airs lol. The ending scene gives me such an unpleasant feeling, I feel like my heart was torn into pieces and Pale Blue seriously made it worse! The words really pierced deep to my heart, it really hurts! 😭

I hope this sorrowful moments don’t last long and both Saki and Koichi can reunite soon. But by the look of next episode preview, I don’t think so… 😒


5 thoughts on “Rikokatsu episode 06

  1. urgh i saw the preview of this episode too and regretted it haha like you i should’ve just waited for the next ep before watching this. but thank you as always for allowing people like to enjoy this drama ❤


  2. Thank you for translating “Pale Blue” with the ending scene for ep. 6. That was really “on point”. Anyways, that’s how hard, sad and frustrating the divorcing process while still having feelings for the person you’re separating really is, I can relate to that. I’m looking forward to see how the drama is going to develop.


  3. I am really enjoying this show and the ending scene of this episode was so good. Thank you for subbing the lyrics to Pale Blue. The lyrics really enhanced that scene.


  4. Huhuhuhuhu! cried a lot on this episode too. And pale blue is just making it worse… hahaha! really this episode is heart wreching!


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