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Rikokatsu episode 10 [END]

The final episode of Rikokatsu is now done.

It’s been a very refreshing ending, all the problems are all solved!

Thank you for watching and I hope you like my work!

Episode 10 download

[1920×1080 | 45 mins | 1.47 GB]

PS: I’m so gonna miss the whole casts especially Koichi! This drama wouldn’t be as fun without him!


The last 10 minutes of the last episode is a gem! Koichi’s dorkiness at its best!

I didn’t notice this when I watched the episode real time, but isn’t it cute that the notes keep adding up each time? Kudos to the artistic team for every details they put. I’m invested too much on this wall that it’s taking me the longest XD Pardon the messy screen.

And the rules are getting more and more trivial lol. The one about RAB-chan really cracks me! By the way this is RAB-chan.

I wish they’d show all the notes clearly, I want to read the notes on the whole wall!!! I even caught something about farting but too bad it’s cut off in the corner that I only caught “When farting…” but I don’t know what goes after that!

I also think it’s very sweet that the wall that was used to hang the Obara family rule, is now used for Koichi & Saki’s rules, moreover in such messy small notes. It symbolizes how they’re willing to change and tolerate with each other.

Honestly, I found the mid episodes, around 6-8 a bit draggy and boring, like they’re not going anywhere and not making any progress, but now that I think about it, it’s these trivial and stagnant moments that let them realize their feelings for each other. And these episodes are also the ones that get the viewers sympathizing with them and in the end convinced that they truly love each other.

Overall it’s been a very enjoyable drama!


14 thoughts on “Rikokatsu episode 10 [END]

  1. Thank you so much for picking and finishing the subs of this drama! It can’t be so much joy without your subs! Really appreciate!

    This drama takes me 15 years back, feels like watching Eita (Summer Time Machine Blues) and Keiko (Mop Girl) for the first time! Really fun and entertaining! haha 😀


  2. So sad to see Rikokatsu end! Thoroughly enjoyed this drama, the charactors, music and the touching scenes. Koichi’s dad became a favorite with his charming smile! Thank you so much for bringing this story to life with your subs! Hoping the powers that be will decide to bring Koichi and Saki back for another series. They are gold!


  3. Thank you for picking up this show and subbing it religiously and consistenly right till the end 🙂 Otsukaresamadeshita!


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