Jo The Receptionist episode 01

Here’s the first episode of Uketsuke no Jo!

The first episode started off with a very light and fluffy feeling, it captured me instantly!

This is the first time Jinguji Yuta plays a lead role in a drama and I’m so excited to watch it. For me personally, he did not disappoint! 🤩

Episode 01 download

Hardsub [1920×1080 | 23 mins | 755 MB]
Softsub (synced to HikariRaiders WEBDL raw)

Minor revision at 12:22, previously “Chikuwa’s meat” -> revised to “Chikuwa’s paw”. Thanks Clam for the correction!

My two cents

The setting and visual of the drama is very pleasing to the eye. The colors are bright, the views are beautiful, the outfit are stylish, and Jo is so adorably cute! I love the receptionist uniform, both Jo’s and the ladies.

The story itself is simple and heartwarming, with just enough conflict and romance hints to keep my focus for the whole 30 minutes episode.

Most of all, I love the interaction between Jo and the other casts, and I can’t wait to see the romance development between him and Haruguchi. Tanabe Momoko is also very pretty here, I’m lowkey wishing for any romance sparks between them too 😆

I hope you enjoy it too!


6 thoughts on “Jo The Receptionist episode 01

  1. Thank you for subbing first episode! I really glad I watched it!
    I hope you won’t mind a tiny correction: at 12:24 Jo said “Chikuwa’s 肉球”. My Japanese is really elementary, I just happened to know that word😅


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