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COMPLETED: Jo The Receptionist

Hi, I decide to sub this drama, after almost a year break 😀

I fell in love right after watching the first episode, and since no one seems to have claimed it yet, yay lucky me! ^^

Network: NTV
Broadcast: From 24.59 Mondays (00.59 a.m. Tuesday), 25 April 2022
Directors: Tsuyoshi Nakakuki, Yohei Inobe
Theme Song: Odoru you ni Jinsei wo by King & Prince

Plot synopsis

Takumi Jo has worked as a salesman for an advertising company for the past 3 years. He seems confident, but he actually tries hard to live up to expectations of those around him. His plan to digitize the reception desk, which he thought wouldn’t be approved, is surprisingly greenlit. Takumi Jo is then placed in charge of laying off people who work at the reception desk. He faces strong opposition from the reception desk team. To understand their work better, Takumi Jo begins to work at the reception desk. While working with the reception desk team and realizing how hard their work is, he begins to change his view on the need for layoffs. Meanwhile, Takumi Jo has a crush on a female employee at the same company. They were hired around the same the same time.

(source: AsianWiki)


  • Jinguji Yuta as Jo Takumi
  • Tanabe Momoko as Ieda Niko
  • Miyama Karen as Kumamoto Toshiko
  • Matsui Airi as Haruguchi Misa
  • Tomite Ami as Hayashi Himeno
  • Rokkaku Shinji as Takagi Yoshihiko
  • Nishihara Aki as Sachiyama Hitomi
  • Tamura Kentaro as Nishi Daisuke
  • Treindl Reina as Hanabusa Karen
  • Hashimoto Jun as Todo Takenori

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