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Jo The Receptionist episode 06

We’re entering the second arc of the story!

The receptionists in their summer uniform! Jo finally gets his own uniform, a sign that the ladies have finally accepted him.

A love triangle begins between Jo, Niko-chan and Haruguchi. Niko-chan’s feeling seems to be unrequited, while Jo looks obviously in love with Haruguchi.

Jo starts wondering if the transformation that he’s about to do is the best way, as he’s starting to notice small things that he misses to notice before.

Episode 06 download

[Hardsub | 1920×1080 | 23 mins | 726 MB]


One thought on “Jo The Receptionist episode 06

  1. The way that Niko-chan looked at him when he came in with the new uniform… Just date already 😭😭


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