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COMPLETE: Roppongi Class

Hi, I decided to take Roppongi Class as my summer project!

I’ve always had a soft spot for Ryoma, but his works in recent years were not really my cup of tea.
I loved the original drama a lot, so I was very excited to know Ryoma will lead the Japanese adaptation! I have a really high expectation for this drama, I hope it won’t disappoint me!

Network: TV Asahi
Broadcast: From 9.00 p.m., Thursdays, 7 July 2022
Original Work: Itaewon Class by Cho Kwang-jin
Scriptwriter: Tokuo Koji (Koi wa Deep ni, Watashi no Kaseifu Nagisa-san, Miss Jikocho)
Directors: Tamura Naoki, Kinoshita Naomi
Theme Song: Baby’s Alright by Alexandros


Miyabe Arata (Takeuchi Ryoma) opens a bar Nidaime Miyabe in Roppongi. He has been in the depths of despair after Nagaya Ryuga (Saotome Taichi), the heir of Nagaya Holdings, a behemoth in Japan’s food service industry, caused an accident that completely changed his life. It is now his life’s goal to make this heir as well as Nagaya Shigeru (Kagawa Teruyuki), the chairman of Nagaya Holdings, who used his tremendous power to cover up the accident for his son’s sake, prostrate and pay for what they have done. Arata keeps pressing on while sticking to what his father Shinji (Mitsuishi Ken) had taught him – live with conviction. His first love Kusunoki Yuka (Araki Yuko) is torn between her feelings for him and Nagaya Holdings. She feels indebted to the company for giving her a university scholarship and job. Asamiya Aoi (Hirate Yurina), who is a popular influencer, falls in love with Arata after meeting him. Even though she is disgusted with the world and feels that everything is bothersome, she joins Nidaime Miyabe as a manager to help fulfil his dream.

(source: Jdramas @Wordpress)


  • Takeuchi Ryoma as Miyabe Arata
  • Araki Yuko as Kusunoki Yuka
  • Hirate Yurina as Asamiya Aoi
  • Saotome Taichi as Nagaya Ryuga
  • Nakao Akiyoshi as Uchiyama Ryota
  • Suzuka Ouji as Nagaya Ryuji
  • Sato Honami as Ayase Riku
  • Mitsuishi Ken as Miyabe Shinji
  • Yamoto Yuma as Kirino Yudai
  • Ogata Naoto as Matsushita Hirotsugu
  • Inamori Izumi as Aikawa Kyoko
  • Kagawa Teruyuki as Nagaya Shigeru

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