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Wagemon episode 01

“Looking for father”

Whoah, it took a while but I finally made it to sub the first episode of Wagemon.

This is my first time subbing a real jidaigeki drama. It’s challenging, but I’m enjoying it so far.

This is a fictional story about Ijima Sota, a young man from Edo who travels all the way to Nagasaki in search of his father. The story is set in year 1849, when Japan was still a “closed country” and Nagasaki was the only place open for foreign traders and merchants. His encounter with people in Nagasaki will help him grow up and change his life.

The drama features many real historical events and people that requires me some history readings, because I’m completely clueless about this part of Japanese history. But it turned out to be very interesting, I got hooked up instantly.

There are too many references that will help understand this drama better that I can’t fit them in this post, so I made a separate post only for the translation notes here.

Episode 01 download

[Hardsub | 1920×1080 | 49 mins | 1.63 GB]


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