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Jo The Receptionist episode 10 [END]

Sorry for the long wait, here’s the last episode of Uketsuke no Jo!

A very satisfying finale to this warm and light drama, I love it so much!

It’s been a fantastic 10 weeks with Jo and the ladies, it’s quite sad to say goodbye.

For me, I’m glad I picked Uketsuke no Jo to be my comeback drama! See you next season 🙂

Episode 10 download

[Hardsub | 1920×1080 | 23 mins | 743 MB]

Otsukaresama Uketsuke no Jo team!


6 thoughts on “Jo The Receptionist episode 10 [END]

  1. Who would have expected this workplace drama to have one of the most cutest romances this year? Obsessed with this couple tbh


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