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Wagemon episode 03

“A bitter secret”

Here’s Wagemon episode 3!

Sota starts learning English with the help of Moriyama. He also tries to find more clues about his father by going to Dejima. Moriyama seems to care a lot about Sota, but we’ll learn the reason later in the episode.

The truth behind the disappearance of Sota’s father is revealed. It’s now up to him what he wants to do after finding out the painful truth.

This episode focuses more on Sota’s quest in looking for his father, and his relationship with Moriyama. The politicians are finally showing their true colors too.

Some mysteries still remain, and the ending of this episode is such a cliffhanger! I can’t wait to work on the final episode! One episode left!

There’s another update on the translation notes here!

Episode 03 download

[Hardsub | 1920×1080 | 49 mins | 1.63 GB]

Pardon me to share some thoughts.

I’m so intrigued with this story more and more! And I’m having so much fun reading all the historical reference.

This episode, I encountered one new name that sparks my curiosity. Von Siebold. This man led a really interesting life, and it surprised me how close Nagasaki’s history was with our home country. I guess that’s what makes it even more interesting to me. These days, I feel like I spend more time reading than actually subbing the drama lol.


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