Roppongi Class episode 01

The first episode of Roppongi Class is here!

Miyabe Arata is an honest, upright and has a strong sense of justice. His dream is to be a police officer.

The story goes back to 2006 when Arata is in third grade of high school. He has to transfer to Meijo High School due to his father’s job promotion. Arata’s father, Miyabe Shinji, works at Nagaya Holdings, a giant franchise food company.

In Meijo High, Arata meets Kusunoki Yuka who lives in an orphanage that Nagaya Holdings funds, and Nagaya Ryuga, the successor of Nagaya Holdings.

A small incident that happens on his first day of school is going to change his life forever.

Episode 01 download

[Hardsub | WEB-DL 1080p| 54 mins | 1.57 GB]

My two cents (beware spoilers!)

I know what to expect when I watched the first episode.
But honestly, I didn’t expect it to be THIS dramatic lol.

I’m surprised how true this Japanese adaptation stays to the original work. All the important scenes are there, although in quicker pace and more packed scenes.

I always have this image that J-dramas have more grays than distinctive black-and-white. But this drama totally defies that! The protagonist is so mighty and heroic and the antagonist is evil to the bone. I think it’s thanks to the top-notch acting from Takeuchi Ryoma and Kagawa Teruyuki.

I know Ryoma is going to nail this well, and he certainly does not disappoint. His Arata is so upright, loyal, brave and yet he has this cute and childish naivety. I can’t wait to see how he’s going to grow this character onward. Kagawa’s all out wickedness adds depth to the emotional rollercoaster and makes everything alive, no one is more suitable than him to play Nagaya Shigeru. Saotome Taichi does a great job playing Nagaya Ryuga too. He really plays this lowly jerk and nasty coward perfectly, he’s so detestable I should give him a standing applause.

I think the acting of these three guys alone is worthy enough to stay tune to this drama. But hey, don’t forget we’re going to have more eye candy along the way *cough* Suzuka Ouji *cough*.

One thing though, Yuko’s rigid wig really annoys me. Can’t they find any nicer wig for her? I can’t wait to get to the days where she doesn’t have to wear that stupid wig again.

The plot of the story is predictable enough (if they decided to follow exactly the original drama). The setting of the place and the colors of the picture somewhat has similar vibes to the original drama too. I think even non J-drama watchers will enjoy this. Well in short, I’m bought!


8 thoughts on “Roppongi Class episode 01

  1. First of all, thank you.
    Secondly, I think you should switch to the Hardsub only
    Believe it or not, I saw a fool selling your subs of this particular drama for money on a server,
    and some people already bought it!!!

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