Wagemon episode 04 [END]

“Sea of light”

It’s the final episode of this short drama.

Kozu shows up in Sota’s cell and helps him escape jail. He invites Sota to leave Nagasaki with him. Sota is torn because of the issues that are yet to be resolved.

A little update on the translation notes, I’m surprised that I still need to write a note even in the last episode. Anyway it’s here.

I hope you enjoy this drama!

Episode 04 download

[Hardsub | 1920×1080 | 49 mins | 1.63 GB]

My two cents (beware spoilers!)

I enjoyed this drama so much!

Honestly when I started working on the sub, I didn’t expect to love it so much I’m about to have withdrawals from Sota and Moriyama and the others 😦 I’m still heartbroken that Sota’s father really was killed, I kind of hoped Kozu was actually his father. That’s certainly not possible, I know.

I’m quite pleased with the ending. I’m glad Sota remained in Nagasaki and decided to be an interpreter, moreover he continued to learn English from Moriyama! I think being an interpreter has been his calling, I’m happy for him! I’m also glad he still has his beloved friends around him. Man I love that Seijuro guy he’s so funny!

I didn’t expect to have romance as a bonus here too! (I know I’m a sucker for romance) Sota and Tori’s chemistry was so good, their little talks were so sweet, Sota’s deep eyes and Tori’s adoring expression whenever she looked at him just melts me every time! My favorite scene is when Tori told Sota the meaning of her name in ep 3. Isn’t that the sweetest?

But what I love the most is the history I’ve got to read thanks to this drama. I was having emotional rollercoaster reading how cruel Japan treated American shipwrecked sailors from Lagoda, and the story about Von Siebold also left a big impression on me.

It’s been a fun short ride, I’m going to miss them all!

Wait where’s Seijuro I can’t find him in any offshot photos!!! 😫


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