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Shin Shinchokoki episode 05

Episode 5: He who believes, wins

Ieyasu states that there are other traitors besides Imagawa. Kuroda tries to infiltrate the traitors to find out who the others are. He also comes up with a plan to resume operation PBB so that the advanced class can continue getting points. However, the traitors one again ruin the plan.

The advanced class is growing apart because of the presence of unknown traitors. Nobunaga is still unsure about his purpose and what he can do for the class.

This episode portrays the Battle of Okehazama, a very important battle in Japanese history, where Nobunaga’s outnumbered troops defeated Imagawa’s massive army and killed him. This battle is said to be the battle that established Nobunaga’s name as one of the leading warlords in history.

Translation notes:

  • Hokoji Temple Bell Incident: The tablet over the Great Budha Hall and the bell bore the inscription 国家安康 (“Kokka ankō”, meaning “the country and the house, peace and tranquility”), and at this Tokugawa Ieyasu affected to take umbrage, alleging that it was intended as a curse on him for the character 安 (an, “peace”) was placed between the two characters composing his own name 家康 (“ka-kō”, “house tranquility”) [suggesting subtly perhaps that peace could only be attained by Ieyasu’s dismemberment?](Source)
  • The Battle of Okehazama took place in June 1560 in Owari Province, located in today’s Aichi Prefecture. In this battle, the heavily outnumbered Oda clan troops commanded by Oda Nobunaga defeated Imagawa Yoshimoto and established himself as one of the front-running warlords in the Sengoku period. (Source)

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Episode 05 download

[Hardsub | 1920×1080 | 46 mins | 1.63 GB]

My two cents

I love this episode so much! The best one so far! It’s packed and fast-paced that 46 mins just went by in an instant. This episode is full of strategy and battle plan, and the traitors do everything they can to interfere with the advanced class! I can’t help screaming and jumping at my seat out of excitement during the last 10 minutes, because finally, finally our Nobunaga is awakened!

But what I love the most about this episode is the script. There are so many beautiful lines in this episode, that at times I end up staring at my screen, trying to find the correct English words and translate it the best way I can. Kuroda’s lines of course, but Ii and Nobunaga’s ones too! The moment the narrator explains about the Battle of Okehazama, I feel so overwhelmed! Like, whoaaahh!

What surprised me is that Ii, who used to look annoying, now feels dear to me. Who’d have guessed he cares that much about his friends. But nothing beats the moment Nobunaga confronted Ieyasu in the end. The words he said… ugh! I’m just lost for words.

Well then, I’m going to rewatch the episode again, it’s THAT good!

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