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Shin Shinchokoki episode 06

Episode 6: The people are my castles, my stone walls, and my moats

The battle between the advanced class led by Nobunaga and the rest of Ginnan High led by Ieyasu begins. Ieyasu keeps gathering followers by the help of Akechi. The advanced class unites under Nobunaga’s leadership and plans a strategy to defeat Ieyasu.

Ieyasu starts raising unanimous flags to defeat members of the advanced class, in order to provoke Nobunaga to raise a flag against him. Finally Nobunaga reacts and it seems things go smoothly according to Ieyasu’s plan.

Meanwhile, new enemies show up in Ginnan High. Who are they and what are they after?

Translation notes

  • The Battle of Mikatagahara (三方ヶ原の戦い, Mikatagahara no tatakai) was a battle of the Sengoku period of Japan fought between Takeda Shingen and Tokugawa Ieyasu in Mikatagahara, Tōtōmi Province on 25 January 1573. Shingen attacked Ieyasu at the plain of Mikatagahara north of Hamamatsu during his campaign against Oda Nobunaga while seeking a route from Kōfu to Kyoto. The Tokugawa-Oda force was almost totally annihilated by the Takeda after being encircled and many of Ieyasu’s retainers were killed in the battle. Ieyasu and his surviving men were forced to retreat before launching a minor counterattack to delay Shingen’s march towards Kyoto.
  • Takeda Shingen’s famous quote: 人は城人は石垣人は堀情けは味方仇は敵なりliterally means the people are castles, stone walls and moats. We show compassion for our allies, and vengeance for our enemies. It implies that human resource is your true resource.

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Episode 06 download

[Hardsub | 1920×1080 | 46 mins | 1.63 GB]

PS: I think it’s definitely interesting to rewatch the episode after you know what’s happening in the end. I caught some hilarious moments when I watched it for the second time XD

My thoughts about this episode

This seems like a new habit where I keep writing about each episode haha. I don’t usually have thoughts about each episode of a drama but I’m really hooked up in this one that I can’t help wanting to write about it.

What’s with this episode! I got mixed feelings! I’m glad that the class finally realizes Nobunaga’s charm and even followers of Ieyasu change sides. But… that’s not the process that I wanted! Maybe I was too absorbed by the manga but… I really love the scene where the whole school ended up getting moved by Nobunaga’s qualities and gradually grew respect for him – it’s one of my favorite that I even shed tears when I read it >_< Are they going to just shortcut this process and settle it easily with “Akechi’s persuasive skill”?

I didn’t expect Akechi to turn back that easily too. But I do like how Akechi finds that Ieyasu is not exactly the leader that he’s looking for, and how the advanced class looks so dazzling to him. Another excellent script this episode, I really love the words they choose and the proverbs/idioms they use! I had a hard time trying to transcribe the meaning because they’re so deep. I should collect all the proverbs used in this drama one day (if I have the mood and the time lol). And Kuroda’s lines are always as clever as ever. Thumbs up!

Takeda and Uesugi’s love and hate relationship also moved me to tears this time. Uesugi’s trust to Takeda and Takeda’s acceptance of Uesugi’s advice… Ughhh what a wonderful relationship these two have. Takeda, you fought bravely, you fulfilled your duty well, thank you for your humbleness to sacrifice yourself for the greater good. This scene gave me goosebumps!

One thing that I didn’t know I needed though… Nobunaga and Miyabi. Wait, are they going to insert a romance line in this drama, seriously? I know, I did sense a veeeeeerry faint chemistry between these two in the manga (well, I think it’s more like Miyabi’s admiration to Nobunaga and nothing more), and I’ve been trying to turn a blind eye on how sweet these two’s chemistry in the drama, but watching this episode… I know I have to admit that they’re trying to insert this mood lol. Especially next episode, that Miyabi is going to be kidnapped by some random clones of foreigners (Commodore Perry, Joan of Arc, and Emperor Qin, seriously???) and Nobunaga will come to her rescue. I’m not sure if this conflict is necessary, I’d rather have them stick to the original story, but who knows, I might enjoy it so much and swoon over Nobunaga’s manly side XD


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