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Roppongi Class episode 08

Episode 8 of Roppongi Class.

We’re at 2/3 of the drama already!

Ryuga comes to headhunt Aoi to Nagaya, but the plan backfires to him. Aoi gets a confession from Ryuga about the hit-and-run incident 12 years ago. Taking this as an opportunity, Arata and Aikawa launches their plan to overthrow Chairman Nagaya from the company. But apparently Chairman Nagaya is much smarter than they think.

Episode 08 download

[Hardsub | 1920×1080 | 44 mins | 1.25 GB]

9 thoughts on “Roppongi Class episode 08

  1. In news related to Roppongi Class, the lead actor has been accused of sexual assault. However, the show will continue. “Mr. Kagawa himself has expressed his feelings of deep remorse and apology, and we have heard from his agency that he has received permission from the victim. We will continue recording and broadcasting.” TV Asahi

    He resigned from the TBS TV morning information program “THE TIME.”


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