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Shin Shinchokoki episode 08

Episode 8: Let’s wait for it to sing

The conclusion episode of the Kuroyuri chapter.

Nobunaga and the advanced class declares to rescue Miyabi and Ieyasu that are held captive by the Professor’s son and Kuroyuri High students.

Ieyasu is hit by what the school chairman showed him inside the pensieve, and seems to have lost his will to live. Miyabi tries to convince him that people have control over their own lives.

The advanced class marches to Kuroyuri’s main camp to execute the Miyabi-Ieyasu rescue plan.

Translation notes

  • To send salt to the enemy (敵に塩を送る). This saying originated from Uesugi Kenshin. It was said that Uesugi sent salt to his enemy, Takeda Shingen, after learning that Takeda’s territory of Kai was suffering from a shortage of salt. It implies to not take advantage of your enemy’s weakness, but to save them from their difficulties.
  • Battle of Itsukushima (厳島の戦い; also known as the Battle of Miyajima) was the only battle to be fought on the sacred island of Itsukushima in the Seto Inland Sea (Aki Province). It is one of the monumental battles in Motonari’s career. Despite facing an army approximately four times larger than his own, Motonari was able to win the conflict with a mere 3,000. The battle is also historically significant for Itsukushima, as the island is heralded as a holy land in which “the gods rest” and no living being is allowed to die. It is one of the few battles recorded to have taken place on the island itself. The giant torii gates have been destroyed many times, but the ones currently standing today were funded by Taira no Kiyomori. (Source)
  • The more you plan, you win; the less you plan, you lose (謀多きは勝ち、少なきは負け) is said to be an advice Mori Motonari gave to his eldest son and heir, Mori Takamoto. It is taken from the quote “Skill, art, or comfort are not necessary. The only things important are military tactics, plot, and planning. The more you plan you win, the less you plan you lose” that is recorded in Mori Family Document (毛利家文書). Mori is said to have adapted this idea from Sun Tzu’s Art of War, where there’s a passage that sounds similar to this. (Source 1 2 3)
  • Tsurinobuse  (釣り野伏せ; feigned retreat) A very popular and famous tactic, associated with the Shimazu clan but also popular in the whole Kyūshū island. This maneuver is a “feigned retreat”, which allow a small army to lure into an ambush the enemy. The main force is split into three or four separate armies, two/three hidden into strategical positions and a decoy. (Source)
  • Kurofune (黒船; the black ships) was the name given to Western vessels arriving in Japan in the 16th and 19th centuries. In particular, kurofune refers to Mississippi, Plymouth, Saratoga, and Susquehanna of the Perry Expedition for the opening of Japan, 1852–1854, that arrived on July 14, 1853, at Uraga Harbor (part of present-day Yokosuka) in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan under the command of United States Commodore Matthew Perry. Black refers to the black color of the older sailing vessels, and the black smoke from the coal-fired steam engines of the American ships. In this sense, the kurofune became a symbol of the ending of isolation. (Source)
  • A tree that has both flowers and fruits (花も実もある). Not only beautiful on the outside, but also substantial on the inside. “Flower” refers to the outside appearance, while “Fruit” refers to substance and inner qualities.
  • (Also in ep 3) If the cuckoo doesn’t sing, xxx (鳴かぬならxxx ほととぎす). Three great warlords of the Warring States period in Japan (Nobunaga, Hideyoshi and Ieyasu) had different takes about the “cuckoo doesn’t sing” condition that represent their nature and personality. If the cuckoo doesn’t sing, wait for it to sing (鳴かぬなら鳴くまで待とうほととぎす) is supposed to be Ieyasu’s stance, but in this drama Nobunaga and Ieyasu seem to have switched personalities. Reference here.

The sub is available on TVer
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Episode 08 download

[Hardsub | 1920×1080 | 46 mins | 1.63 GB]

PS: There’s a 3 episodes spinoff starring Miyabi from ep 8-10, and I’m thinking to sub it too, once I find time.

My thoughts about this episode

Another great and inspiring episode! We get tactics, action, and values of humanity and friendship this episode. This episode is so packed with message! Each of the warlord showed their strength and moved toward a single goal which is very heartwarming.

The way Nobunaga believes in Ieyasu and includes him as the last piece of their plan is so touching, I can’t help rooting for Ieyasu as well in the end. I love the way Hideyoshi and Ryuzoji are made to look like a flaw in their plan, when they actually carry bigger mission – to move Ieyasu.

What I love the most is the part after Nobunaga and Honda reached the church. Honda defends Nobunaga (although he got knocked out so quickly ^^;), Nobunaga waits for Ieyasu, Miyabi reunites with Nobunaga and the happy faces they make, Honda’s heart-shaped hair (this is the highlight!!), and Matthew Perry cracks at Nobunaga’s pun. It’s a great end to a chapter.

Only 2 episodes left, and they’re finally reaching the final chapter. I can’t wait to see the president! I bet the one the professor’s son faced was the president (with heavy armor and stuff). It’s going to get more tense!


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