Shin Shinchokoki episode 09

Episode 9: Beyond those hands

The penultimate episode!

Nobunaga and Ieyasu put up flag to defeat each other at the same time.

Meanwhile, Kuroda learns the truth about the warlord clones, and Nobunaga reveals his past to Miyabi. Ieyasu agonizes over his past and future.

After Nobunaga-Ieyasu battle, the final battle awaits the advanced class.

Translation notes

  • Uchi-awabi, Kachi-guri, Yoro-kombu: the delicacies often served with sake during ceremonies on special occasions, eg weddings nowadays, also called “Sankon no gi (三献の儀; Three exchange of cups)”. The formal ceremony is thought to have begun as a palace rite during the Heian period (794-1185). Warriors going off to battle, for example, would gather to exchange such cups, confirming their solidarity and valor. Favorite delicacies served with the sake on such occasions were those with auspicious names: uchi-awabi (also called noshi-awabi, thinly stretched abalone); kachi-guri (dried chestnuts); and kombu (kelp). Their names reflected good fortune: uchi means “strike” or “overwhelm”; kachi signifies “to win” or “victory”; kombu evokes the word yorokobu, or “happiness” and “delight.” Together they convey uchi-kachi-yorokobu: “we strike, we win, we rejoice.” (Source)

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Episode 09 download

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Impression about this episode – beware spoilers!

First of all, can I complain about something?

How the hell did this…

Turn into this…!?

I mean, even a blind man can see that they’re different people, right!?

I have been so looking forward to the revelation of the president’s identity, but the moment he showed up, I was instantly turned off. I get it that they changed the storyline from the manga, and I didn’t expect the clones to only have 18 years to live as well. But still, deep inside, I still hoped that the president would follow the original storyline… 😦

Despite the above complaint, this was a sad episode. Knowing the clones’ limited time span is one thing, but learning about Ieyasu’s feelings was one unexpected surprise too. Now I can’t help but sympathizing with him… This drama really plays with our emotion, I grew to love all members of the advanced class now!

Nobunaga and his determination to fight his own destiny is worth noting as well. Such a gallant young man with strong mind and determination, my heart aches with Miyabi too, knowing that he’ll only have 3 more years to live T_T I can’t imagine what Miyabi must be feeling, especially when she admires Oda Nobunaga the most among other warlords in history, and now she also feels an attachment to his clone… I got a bit teary in this part.

Now that Ieyasu has turned timid and the entire advanced class has united, the only thing left is what Nobunaga and the others referred to “the final battle”. Honestly, I’m curious how they’re going to do for the ending, are they going to erase the fact that the clones are going to die? I do hope to have a satisfying ending!

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