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Roppongi Class episode 13 [END]

The final episode to this drama, and the last episode for my summer project too!

My long summer is finally over lol.

Thank you for watching, I hope you enjoy my work!

Episode 13 download

Alternative link

[Hardsub | 1920×1080 | 54 mins | 1.75 GB]

My overall impression about this drama – BEWARE SPOILERS!

God this drama was long! LOL. It has its ups and downs, and blame me for being too accustomed to Jdramas, but I do think 13 episodes is a little too long. However, this drama wraps up very well.

I am highly satisfied with the finale, I think with the extended episodes since ep 9, and even more extended in the last episode, this drama was able to depict important scenes in detail. The final episode is as dramatic as the first episode, and the finale of Arata and Nagaya’s relationship was filmed very well.

Can’t complain very much about the story because it’s an adaptation, but I was wishing this kidnapping/yakuza chapter to be replaced with something else more reasonable, LOL. It’s the biggest setback for me.

I feel that the ending kind of drags a bit. I didn’t need 54 minutes for this episode. They could have shortened some scenes and still give the same impact imo. Ryoma did very well in this drama, but as a romance fan, I kind of think he’s not suited to show romantic feelings in dramas. Maybe it’s just me, but I feel the way he looks at Aoi is almost the same with the way he looks at Ryuji 😅

I was expecting the scene at the rooftop where Arata confessed his feelings to Aoi to be more romantic, but it feels flat to me, a huge contrast with the climax scene of Arata and Chairman Nagaya.

Nevertheless, the scene was beautifully filmed, so I still enjoyed the visual.

Perhaps rather than romantic scenes, I enjoy their cute scenes more.

In the end, I think it’s a very good adaptation of the original one.

Thank you for staying with me until the end!


8 thoughts on “Roppongi Class episode 13 [END]

  1. First off, I want to thank you for a fantastic and professional subbing that you did on this series, you have no idea, what this means to me, for this particular drama and overall, perhaps could share the story with you via email and not publicly.
    I really liked this dramas story, the dynamics between Father/Son, business determination, Arata/Aoi relations developing and all the leading cast, including Teruyuki Kagawa (CEO of Nagaya) he was fantastic in the movie Tokyo Sonata, if you have not seen it, I highly recommend that you do. Sadly though, I read on Yahoo Japan News that he was recently involved in a scandal involving a hostess, which kind of destroyed his career post the making of Roppongi Class.
    Some things I think the drama itself should have had a tad bit more polish in the script and overall execution, for example there were random times that the characters magically bump into each other in the street, they could of added they text each other to meet at a certain time/place perhaps, also some serious moments in the story, suddenly a comical side of the other character comes out, which was kind of funny though random and lastly, why didn’t Arata kiss Aoi in the final episode?? I mean she has been hinting to him for way to long.. ^_^ I watch Japanese dramas a lot as you can probably tell, I think the most polished and well executed dramas that I highly recommend to watch would be Karei Naru Ichizoku, Fumo Chitai, those two dramas in particular should have won an Oscar award. If I were to recommend dramas that blend satire and seriousness, than I would think Good Luck and Densha Otoko were also polished well written and executed dramas.
    Btw is it possible to recommend for you to hardsub this older (short only 6 episodes ) drama:
    Shinjuku Swan, it is a slice of life genre to a side of Japan no one gets to see or hear about, I’ve seen the two movies released, though they are highly watered down and censored, unlike the drama, as you are probably are aware, most dramas and movies are always censored and watered down, unlike the original source material coming from the manga and or anime, in this case Shinjuku Swan did not have an anime, just the Manga, Drama and two films. You should read the manga if you can:
    Also if you can sub the recently released and ongoing 2022 drama of: Yamikin Saihara-san of the female loan shark, which is a spin off from Yamikin Uchijima Kun, which you should also read the manga and watch the dramas and movies which are already subbed, the lead star was Takayuki Yamada from the Netflix drama Naked Director which was funny to watch.
    Sorry to request subs, but you did a really good job and wish you could do these two requests ^_^ onegai.


  2. Thank you for posting these episodes! my first j drama, this one was great, chracters had good synergy, and relatable


  3. hi, thanks a lot for your excelent work, could you work on first penguin 2022 with iwasaki nodoka main rol? its a nice story from a great woman, :). thanks for sharing your excelente work. have anice day


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