The Midnight Maiden War (2022)

Hi, I’m presenting you the eng sub of the movie Mayonaka Otome Sensou/The Midnight Maiden War that started screening on Jan 21st, 2022. Director: Ken NinomiyaWriter: F (novel), Ken NinomiyaProducer: Tomoka Takaki, Hidehisa ChiwataRelease Date: January 21, 2022Distributor: Kadokawa PicturesCasts: Nagase Ren, Ikeda Elaiza, Emoto Tasuku, and othersTheme Song: “Happier Than Ever” by Billie EilishContinue reading “The Midnight Maiden War (2022)”

Jo The Receptionist episode 04

Here’s episode 4! This drama gets more and more interesting each episode, and imho this episode is the best so far! Niko-chan gets the spotlight this time. We get to understand her character and her struggles more, and how Jo made a difference on her. There’s some enlightenment about Haruguchi as well, who finally opensContinue reading “Jo The Receptionist episode 04”

Jo The Receptionist episode 03

The 3rd episode of Uketsuke no Jo! Jo faces a new problem this episode, and at the same time he’s learning new things about being a receptionist. The receptionist ladies seem to start accepting him too. Haruguchi is still on her paid leave, and it seems her problem is bigger than it seems? I haveContinue reading “Jo The Receptionist episode 03”

Jo The Receptionist episode 02

Hi, here’s Uketsuke no Jo ep 2. Jo made a mistake that put the reception team into crisis. Is he going to be able to get along with the ladies? Meanwhile, Haruguchi-san seems to have some problem… A cute and refreshing episode for the holiday! Episode 02 download Hardsub [1920×1080 | 23 mins | 734 MB]Softsub (syncedContinue reading “Jo The Receptionist episode 02”

Jo The Receptionist episode 01

Here’s the first episode of Uketsuke no Jo! The first episode started off with a very light and fluffy feeling, it captured me instantly! This is the first time Jinguji Yuta plays a lead role in a drama and I’m so excited to watch it. For me personally, he did not disappoint! 🤩 Episode 01Continue reading “Jo The Receptionist episode 01”

ONGOING: Jo The Receptionist

Hi, I decide to sub this drama, after almost a year break 😀 I fell in love right after watching the first episode, and since no one seems to have claimed it yet, yay lucky me! ^^ Network: NTVBroadcast: From 24.59 Mondays (00.59 a.m. Tuesday), 25 April 2022Directors: Tsuyoshi Nakakuki, Yohei InobeTheme Song: Odoru you ni Jinsei wo byContinue reading “ONGOING: Jo The Receptionist”

Rikokatsu episode 10 [END]

The final episode of Rikokatsu is now done. It’s been a very refreshing ending, all the problems are all solved! Thank you for watching and I hope you like my work! Episode 10 download [1920×1080 | 45 mins | 1.47 GB] PS: I’m so gonna miss the whole casts especially Koichi! This drama wouldn’t beContinue reading “Rikokatsu episode 10 [END]”

Rikokatsu episode 09

One more episode before the final! At last, our stupid couple…!!! That’s all I can say without spoiling anything. Anyway, this is a very pleasant episode to watch, I hope it was worth going through the frustration for the few past episodes! At least for me it’s worth it 😀 Episode 9 download [1920×1080 |Continue reading “Rikokatsu episode 09”

Rikokatsu episode 08

Can’t really say anything about this episode, except Saki and Koichi keep crossing path! 😦 I read somewhere that this drama will have 10 episodes, which means 2 more episodes left. Let’s hope it will end happily for them. That’s the only thing I’ve been wishing since the last few episode lol XD Episode 8Continue reading “Rikokatsu episode 08”

Rikokatsu episode 07

Saki and Koichi’s days continue after they got divorced. They both told their respective parents, but Koichi’s father was in rage! He then immediately rushed to make a visit to Saki & Koichi’s old place to apologize to her. Saki and Koichi lived their lives apart, but probably both of them are missing each otherContinue reading “Rikokatsu episode 07”