Rikokatsu episode 10 [END]

The final episode of Rikokatsu is now done. It’s been a very refreshing ending, all the problems are all solved! Thank you for watching and I hope you like my work! Episode 10 download [1920×1080 | 45 mins | 1.47 GB] PS: I’m so gonna miss the whole casts especially Koichi! This drama wouldn’t beContinue reading “Rikokatsu episode 10 [END]”

Rikokatsu episode 09

One more episode before the final! At last, our stupid couple…!!! That’s all I can say without spoiling anything. Anyway, this is a very pleasant episode to watch, I hope it was worth going through the frustration for the few past episodes! At least for me it’s worth it 😀 Episode 9 download [1920×1080 |Continue reading “Rikokatsu episode 09”

Rikokatsu episode 08

Can’t really say anything about this episode, except Saki and Koichi keep crossing path! 😦 I read somewhere that this drama will have 10 episodes, which means 2 more episodes left. Let’s hope it will end happily for them. That’s the only thing I’ve been wishing since the last few episode lol XD Episode 8Continue reading “Rikokatsu episode 08”

Rikokatsu episode 07

Saki and Koichi’s days continue after they got divorced. They both told their respective parents, but Koichi’s father was in rage! He then immediately rushed to make a visit to Saki & Koichi’s old place to apologize to her. Saki and Koichi lived their lives apart, but probably both of them are missing each otherContinue reading “Rikokatsu episode 07”

Rikokatsu episode 06

At the end of previous episode, all 3 couples have signed their divorce papers. This episode tells us about what happened since then, about Koichi & Saki and their parents, and about their marriages too. I’m actually quite happy that they focused this episode to Saki and Koichi’s relationship, with only little interruption from otherContinue reading “Rikokatsu episode 06”

Company ~Gyakuten no Swan~ episode 08 [END]

I’m so sorry it takes me forever to sub this episode! This episode is mostly about the ballet performance, so I was off guard because I thought there will be very few lines, at least 50% the normal episodes. Turns out it’s still quite a lot, all in all it’s still 70% of the normalContinue reading “Company ~Gyakuten no Swan~ episode 08 [END]”

Rikokatsu episode 05

Saki & Koichi’s relationship is on a rollercoaster. They decided to start over since last episode, but with the flow of events… Both Saki’s and Koichi’s parents relationships are not any better either. All 3 couples are going through a lot in this episode. One thing that bothers me, how can these people say “divorce”Continue reading “Rikokatsu episode 05”

Rikokatsu episode 04

This episode focuses on Saki’s mother birthday party at Saki & Koichi’s place. The chaotic start with Aoyama in their place turns into misunderstanding that will later draw them closer? Starting this episode, Sano Shiro will withdraw from the role of Saki’s father role due to his health condition and will be resumed by HirataContinue reading “Rikokatsu episode 04”

Rikokatsu episode 03

After Koichi’s parents, now we get Saki’s parents having problems. Koichi and Saki have to pretend going along to prevent Saki’s mother getting suspicious! They even have to go on a “fake” honeymoon trip to Hakone. But it is during this trip that they started to be more open towards each other. I love thisContinue reading “Rikokatsu episode 03”

Company ~Gyakuten no Swan~ episode 07

Sorry for the delay! Here’s the penultimate episode of Company. One more episode to the end, and there’s only one more step to the final performance. The Company members are becoming more united, and Aoyagi made up his mind about the offer from Wakisaka. He also made a decision towards his marriage. Another heartwarming episodeContinue reading “Company ~Gyakuten no Swan~ episode 07”