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Roppongi Class episode 13 [END]

The final episode to this drama, and the last episode for my summer project too! My long summer is finally over lol. Thank you for watching, I hope you enjoy my work! Episode 13 download Alternative link [Hardsub | 1920×1080 | 54 mins | 1.75 GB] My overall impression about this drama – BEWARE SPOILERS!Continue reading “Roppongi Class episode 13 [END]”

Shin Shinchokoki episode 10 [END]

Episode 10: Dear friends The last episode of this drama, and the finale to the story of the warlord clones. Enjoy and thank you for watching! Translation notes The sub is available on TVer NekoCap extension on Chrome to watch it legally. Episode 10 download [Hardsub | 1920×1080 | 46 mins | 1.62 GB]Continue reading “Shin Shinchokoki episode 10 [END]”

Roppongi Class episode 12

Arata, Aoi, and Kirino get ready to make Aoi the new director of Nagaya in the upcoming shareholders meeting. But Ryuji is one step ahead of them. Ryuga is determined to protect Nagaya and make Arata suffer, so he does something unexpected. Chairman Nagaya’s health is getting worse, there are rumors that the next chairmanContinue reading “Roppongi Class episode 12”

Roppongi Class episode 11

Miyabe wins “Three Stars Stadium” competition and gets the investment from Tanabe. They then proceed to franchise the restaurant. Time flies to 4 years later, to year 2022. RC has become a big company in food industry, but Arata still has a big dream to surpass Nagaya. Meanwhile, Chairman Nagaya falls sick and Ryuga isContinue reading “Roppongi Class episode 11”

Shin Shinchokoki episode 09

Episode 9: Beyond those hands The penultimate episode! Nobunaga and Ieyasu put up flag to defeat each other at the same time. Meanwhile, Kuroda learns the truth about the warlord clones, and Nobunaga reveals his past to Miyabi. Ieyasu agonizes over his past and future. After Nobunaga-Ieyasu battle, the final battle awaits the advanced class.Continue reading “Shin Shinchokoki episode 09”

Roppongi Class episode 10

Global Earth Capital cancels their investment in Miyabe, that puts Miyabe in trouble. Arata and Aoi try to find a new investor. They meet a big investor that invested in Nagaya years ago, and she is willing to invest in Miyabe, under one condition. Miyabe wins the semi-finals of the TV show and advances toContinue reading “Roppongi Class episode 10”

Shin Shinchokoki episode 08

Episode 8: Let’s wait for it to sing The conclusion episode of the Kuroyuri chapter. Nobunaga and the advanced class declares to rescue Miyabi and Ieyasu that are held captive by the Professor’s son and Kuroyuri High students. Ieyasu is hit by what the school chairman showed him inside the pensieve, and seems to haveContinue reading “Shin Shinchokoki episode 08”

Roppongi Class episode 09

After Ryuga goes to jail, the battle between Nagaya and Arata heats up. Their feud catches the attention of a TV program that wants to feature them in a cooking championship. Miyabe and Nagaya fight head-on to win the title of the no. 1 bar in the TV show. Triggered by Aoi’s words, Ryuji finallyContinue reading “Roppongi Class episode 09”

Shin Shinchokoki episode 07

Episode 7: Fret not, I will speed up a little New enemies show up. They introduce themselves as Matthew Perry, Joan of Arc, and Shi Huangdi. What makes them target Ieyasu, and who is behind them? Takenaka, Sanada, and Imagawa scheme to kidnap Miyabi to break the unity of the advanced class. When they tellContinue reading “Shin Shinchokoki episode 07”

Roppongi Class episode 08

Episode 8 of Roppongi Class. We’re at 2/3 of the drama already! Ryuga comes to headhunt Aoi to Nagaya, but the plan backfires to him. Aoi gets a confession from Ryuga about the hit-and-run incident 12 years ago. Taking this as an opportunity, Arata and Aikawa launches their plan to overthrow Chairman Nagaya from theContinue reading “Roppongi Class episode 08”