Shin Shinchokoki episode 06

Episode 6: The people are my castles, my stone walls, and my moats The battle between the advanced class led by Nobunaga and the rest of Ginnan High led by Ieyasu begins. Ieyasu keeps gathering followers by the help of Akechi. The advanced class unites under Nobunaga’s leadership and plans a strategy to defeat Ieyasu.Continue reading “Shin Shinchokoki episode 06”


Shin Shinchokoki episode 05

Episode 5: He who believes, wins Ieyasu states that there are other traitors besides Imagawa. Kuroda tries to infiltrate the traitors to find out who the others are. He also comes up with a plan to resume operation PBB so that the advanced class can continue getting points. However, the traitors one again ruin theContinue reading “Shin Shinchokoki episode 05”

Shin Shinchokoki episode 04

Episode 4: A harmonious heart Nobunaga puts up a flag to rule the world, which stirs things up with the advanced class students and Ieyasu. But actually, Nobunaga himself doesn’t really know what he should do, as he’s still trying to figure out the meaning of the words his mother said to him. Miyabi strugglesContinue reading “Shin Shinchokoki episode 04”

Shin Shinchokoki episode 03

Episode 3: It is inevitable Ieyasu starts instilling fear in the students of Ginnan High. His aim is to rule the school by fear. The flag battle this episode is between Ieyasu and Akechi Mitsuhide. Akechi is famous for being the vassal of Nobunaga who killed him in the Honnoji incident. It’s one of theContinue reading “Shin Shinchokoki episode 03”

Roppongi Class episode 05

Episode 5 is here! Arata and Nagaya’s competition is on the move. Chairman Nagaya finally sets foot on Miyabe The Second. Aoi also confronts Yuka as she grows certain of her feelings for Arata. A new person shows up, he holds an important role for Arata’s revenge plan. Episode 05 download [Hardsub | 1920×1080 |Continue reading “Roppongi Class episode 05”

Shin Shinchokoki episode 02

Episode 2: If you think you can win, you will win A new transfer student joins the advanced class, he turns out to be Tokugawa Ieyasu. He calls people scums and has a threatening aura. The flag battle continues with various methods, as it turns out that fighting is not the only means to win.Continue reading “Shin Shinchokoki episode 02”

Roppongi Class episode 04

Episode 4 is done! It’s almost 1/3 of the drama, time flies so fast! Aoi starts working at the restaurant, and they’re having a renewal during the 2 months business suspension. Meanwhile, Riku is struggling because his food is the most important part of Miyabe. Episode 04 download [Hardsub | 1920×1080 | 45 mins |Continue reading “Roppongi Class episode 04”

Shin Shinchokoki episode 01

What a very interesting drama! It doesn’t disappoint at all, and it does live up to the aggressive promotion NTV has been doing! Here’s the first episode of Shin Shinchokoki. Episode 1: Never say never The story is set in 2122, 100 years ahead the present day. In this age, it’s said that history classesContinue reading “Shin Shinchokoki episode 01”