Koisuru Hahatachi episode 04

The story is getting more complicated! We think An and Saiki-san are going smoothly now that the husband is gone. But why suddenly now the ex-wife appears!? Moreover what’s with that hairstyle, is this 1970 or something? LOL. Akasaka is getting more impatient and jealous than before. Yuko is starting to feel annoyed (?) troubledContinue reading “Koisuru Hahatachi episode 04”


Koisuru Hahatachi episode 03

Third episode! An is now in Yoron Island to meet his missing husband. What is she actually aiming to do once she sees him? Sakai-san is as sweet as ever as he’s been very supportive to An. Yuko and Akasaka on a business trip to Kyoto together!? Nothing screams more dangerous than that! A businessContinue reading “Koisuru Hahatachi episode 03”

Koisuru Hahatachi episode 02

Second episode of the series! We find in this episode a more detailed story about An’s husband, the relationship development between Yuko-Akasaka and Mari-Marutaro. Both relationships got me screaming danger in my head and I have a bad feeling they will not end well, but this is only a drama! Hopefully they will make aContinue reading “Koisuru Hahatachi episode 02”

Koisuru Hahatachi episode 01

The first episode of Koisuru Hahatachi english subs that I made. I’m posting the hardsubbed version in this blog, while the softsub version can be found at D-Addicts. This episode is an introduction episode, where we get to know our 3 main families. The Ishiwatari family, Hayashi family, and Kanbara family. Although the story focusesContinue reading “Koisuru Hahatachi episode 01”

COMPLETED: Koisuru Hahatachi

I officially create a website for my subbing works! Finally! I will be a newbie in subbing dramas, so I think I will need lots of practice. As I am eyeing some dramas next season, I’ll pick up one drama this season as a warm up/experiment! Will post later about the dramas I’m eyeing nextContinue reading “COMPLETED: Koisuru Hahatachi”