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Company ~Gyakuten no Swan~ episode 08 [END]

I’m so sorry it takes me forever to sub this episode! This episode is mostly about the ballet performance, so I was off guard because I thought there will be very few lines, at least 50% the normal episodes. Turns out it’s still quite a lot, all in all it’s still 70% of the normalContinue reading “Company ~Gyakuten no Swan~ episode 08 [END]”

Company ~Gyakuten no Swan~ episode 07

Sorry for the delay! Here’s the penultimate episode of Company. One more episode to the end, and there’s only one more step to the final performance. The Company members are becoming more united, and Aoyagi made up his mind about the offer from Wakisaka. He also made a decision towards his marriage. Another heartwarming episodeContinue reading “Company ~Gyakuten no Swan~ episode 07”

Company ~Gyakuten no Swan~ episode 06

Hi this is episode 6. The Company members are having hot pot at Aoyagi’s house, and Aoyagi is up for something! Sara is the main emphasis in this episode. Honestly since the first episode I think of her as an arrogant and unpleasant rich girl, but apparently that’s not entirely true! She opens up herContinue reading “Company ~Gyakuten no Swan~ episode 06”

Company ~Gyakuten no Swan~ episode 05

This is such a wonderful episode! I’ve said it in my previous post but this is my fave episode!!! The relationship they’re building with each others, the human-side of even the strongest or the most arrogant characters… the revelations made in this episode is very touching! Actually there’s this one scene in this episode thatContinue reading “Company ~Gyakuten no Swan~ episode 05”

Company ~Gyakuten no Swan~ episode 04

Sorry for the long wait! Here’s Company episode 4! I’m actually planning to release this episode together today with episode 5, but unexpectedly I can’t finish it by today. So this will have to go first! Will finish episode 5 in 1-2 days. They’re having an audition to choose Odette for the upcoming show, andContinue reading “Company ~Gyakuten no Swan~ episode 04”

Company ~Gyakuten no Swan~ episode 03

More casts appearing this episode, including the ones that will be key characters later on! The story is getting more and more exciting as Wakisaka keeps on making unbelievable requests. Just when Aoyagi and Segawa thought they finally made things in order, Wakisaka came and ruined everything again 😅 Episode 3 download [1920×1080 | 49Continue reading “Company ~Gyakuten no Swan~ episode 03”

Company ~Gyakuten no Swan~ episode 02

Episode 2! Kuroki Hitomi was sure graceful, even at the sight of her alone I can feel her intimidatingly beautiful aura. I love her character here! This episode focuses on the wonderful relationship between Mizuho-sensei and Takano… I’m always weak towards relationships like this! The stern teacher and the arrogant disciple, when they actually openContinue reading “Company ~Gyakuten no Swan~ episode 02”

Company ~Gyakuten no Swan~ episode 01

Hello! This is the first episode of Company! This episode is mostly an introduction of the characters and the potential conflict in the future. Aoyagi Seiichi is a hopeless, passive and unmotivated salaryman. Segawa Yui is a passionate ex-trainer with a quick temper. Takano Haruka is a selfish and arrogant superstar. Shikishima Mizuho is aContinue reading “Company ~Gyakuten no Swan~ episode 01”

COMPLETED: Company ~Gyakuten no Swan~

Honestly, I started watching this drama because I fell in love with short-haired Kurashina Kana. I had no expectations at all but it turned out to be a very interesting drama. Before I knew it, I binged all episodes in 2 days. I was hooked up from the first episode, but it wasn’t until epContinue reading “COMPLETED: Company ~Gyakuten no Swan~”

Shitteru Wife episode 11 [END]

The last episode. This drama is also coming to an end 😦 I had so much fun subbing this drama, it’s kind of sad that it’s finished. This episode got me teary on some scenes, the feelings of the characters really touched me, they did a great job in this drama! Love the ending, it’sContinue reading “Shitteru Wife episode 11 [END]”