ONGOING: Jo The Receptionist

Hi, I decide to sub this drama, after almost a year break 😀 I fell in love right after watching the first episode, and since no one seems to have claimed it yet, yay lucky me! ^^ Network: NTVBroadcast: From 24.59 Mondays (00.59 a.m. Tuesday), 25 April 2022Directors: Tsuyoshi Nakakuki, Yohei InobeTheme Song: Odoru you ni Jinsei wo byContinue reading “ONGOING: Jo The Receptionist”

COMPLETED: Rikokatsu

Hi, this will be my project for the spring season, the trailers that have been out look so interesting I can’t wait to watch it! (I think I need to specialize myself in marriage-divorce kind of dramas ^^;) It’s going to start this Friday, so I’d better get myself in subbing mode again! Network: TBSBroadcast:Continue reading “COMPLETED: Rikokatsu”

COMPLETED: Company ~Gyakuten no Swan~

Honestly, I started watching this drama because I fell in love with short-haired Kurashina Kana. I had no expectations at all but it turned out to be a very interesting drama. Before I knew it, I binged all episodes in 2 days. I was hooked up from the first episode, but it wasn’t until epContinue reading “COMPLETED: Company ~Gyakuten no Swan~”

COMPLETED: Shitteru Wife

As I have completed Koihaha and now only one episode of Yoru ga left for me to sub this season, I’m announcing that I will be subbing Shitteru Wife next season 🙂 As of now I have no plans yet to sub another drama, I’ll see if I can manage to sub one more dramaContinue reading “COMPLETED: Shitteru Wife”

COMPLETED: Yoru ga Dorehodo Kurakutemo

Now that I’ve finally caught up with Koihaha and it’s almost finished, I tried to pick up another drama. This is a 4-episodes drama only, I’ve tried the first episode and it seems doable. I’m calculating my subbing speed and planning schedules should I decide to sub more than one drama for one season. Well,Continue reading “COMPLETED: Yoru ga Dorehodo Kurakutemo”

COMPLETED: Koisuru Hahatachi

I officially create a website for my subbing works! Finally! I will be a newbie in subbing dramas, so I think I will need lots of practice. As I am eyeing some dramas next season, I’ll pick up one drama this season as a warm up/experiment! Will post later about the dramas I’m eyeing nextContinue reading “COMPLETED: Koisuru Hahatachi”