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Shitteru Wife episode 11 [END]

The last episode. This drama is also coming to an end 😦 I had so much fun subbing this drama, it’s kind of sad that it’s finished. This episode got me teary on some scenes, the feelings of the characters really touched me, they did a great job in this drama! Love the ending, it’sContinue reading “Shitteru Wife episode 11 [END]”

Shitteru Wife episode 10

The penultimate episode! I’m quite surprised that Motoharu’s decision comes in this episode. While on the K-counterpart, this decision came in like 4 episodes before the last? So if they’re going to stay true to the original drama, they will need to squeeze these 4 last episodes into one? ^^; Well, up until now IContinue reading “Shitteru Wife episode 10”

Shitteru Wife episode 07

The things are going more and more complicated, now with the conflict between Motoharu and Sayaka got more obvious. Mio’s feelings seems swaying too, as what she has shown here and there since last episode. Episode 7 download [1920×1080 | 46 mins | 1.54 GB] By the way, I love the last scene very much.Continue reading “Shitteru Wife episode 07”

Shitteru Wife episode 05

We’re getting to the middle of the series already. Motoharu’s feelings towards Mio gets stronger as he starts to see clearly what’s exactly wrong in his previous life. Tsuyama and Mio seem to be getting along well. Can I say something? This episode is so sad I can’t help shedding tears in one of theContinue reading “Shitteru Wife episode 05”

Shitteru Wife episode 04

Sorry for the long wait! Here’s Shitteru Wife episode 04. I start to empathize more about Mio and think that Motoharu was really cruel, but I can’t get myself to hate him too! Motoharu’s dissatisfaction towards Sayaka’s family seems more obvious now? The relationship between Motoharu – Mio – Tsuyama – Sayaka got more complicatedContinue reading “Shitteru Wife episode 04”

Shitteru Wife episode 03

Episode 3 of Shitteru Wife. Many more flashbacks on Motoharu & Mio’s past. The days they spent dating, how Motoharu proposed to Mio, etc. In the current time, Motoharu can’t help getting attracted to Mio as he was curious about Mio’s true self. Motoharu seems to grow dissatisfaction towards Egawa family? Possible future conflict withContinue reading “Shitteru Wife episode 03”

Shitteru Wife episode 02

Episode 2 of the drama, it’s getting interesting! Motoharu managed to go back to the past and it seems like he finally gets what he’d dreamed of but why things didn’t seem to be that simple? Mio came to work in the branch Motoharu worked for all of the sudden and it’s an unpredictable situation.Continue reading “Shitteru Wife episode 02”