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Wagemon episode 04 [END]

“Sea of light” It’s the final episode of this short drama. Kozu shows up in Sota’s cell and helps him escape jail. He invites Sota to leave Nagasaki with him. Sota is torn because of the issues that are yet to be resolved. A little update on the translation notes, I’m surprised that I stillContinue reading “Wagemon episode 04 [END]”

Wagemon episode 03

“A bitter secret” Here’s Wagemon episode 3! Sota starts learning English with the help of Moriyama. He also tries to find more clues about his father by going to Dejima. Moriyama seems to care a lot about Sota, but we’ll learn the reason later in the episode. The truth behind the disappearance of Sota’s fatherContinue reading “Wagemon episode 03”

Wagemon episode 02

“A disappearing castaway” Episode 2 of Wagemon is done! The story gets more interesting as it continues to combine real historical events with fictional plot. Sota and the others helps Kai flee Japan, but there’s a stranger who poses as him and joins the castaways. Who is him and what is he after? Kozu-sensei sparksContinue reading “Wagemon episode 02”

Wagemon notes

Reference reading: Dutch-Japanese relations : IV 1641-1853: THE DUTCH IN DESHIMA (Source) Episode 1 Japanese historical terms Bugyō-sho (奉行所): A name of a governmental office in the Edo period that was in charge of administration and judicature in an urban area in a territory. (Source: link 1 link 2) Bugyō (奉行): A title assigned toContinue reading “Wagemon notes”

COMPLETED: Wagemon ~Nagasaki Tsuyaku Ibun~

Hi, I’m working on a short 4 episodes drama called Wagemon. I’m aware that someone else has already claimed this drama, but I was really intrigued by this drama, I wanted to understand. I was totally clueless when I watched it raw. Thus, with the encouragement from a couple of friends, I tried to subContinue reading “COMPLETED: Wagemon ~Nagasaki Tsuyaku Ibun~”