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Koisuru Hahatachi episode 04

The story is getting more complicated!

We think An and Saiki-san are going smoothly now that the husband is gone. But why suddenly now the ex-wife appears!? Moreover what’s with that hairstyle, is this 1970 or something? LOL.

Akasaka is getting more impatient and jealous than before. Yuko is starting to feel annoyed (?) troubled (?) swayed (?), while his husband Shigeo brings up a topic to discuss about their family.

To make up for the cheating, Kanbara Shigeki is asking Mari to go on an onsen trip. But Yamashita Noriko doesn’t seem to give up yet, and well as you expect, she’s pulling off a cliché stunt that only a desperate woman would do. This woman seriously gives me the creeps. 🥶

Episode 4 download

[1920×1080 | 45 mins | 1.10 GB]


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