COMPLETED: Rikokatsu

Hi, this will be my project for the spring season, the trailers that have been out look so interesting I can’t wait to watch it! (I think I need to specialize myself in marriage-divorce kind of dramas ^^;)

It’s going to start this Friday, so I’d better get myself in subbing mode again!

Network: TBS
Broadcast: From 10.00 p.m., Fridays, 16 April 2021
Scriptwriter: Izumisawa Yoko (Guilty, Akuma no Bengonin, Dairenai)
Directors: Tsuboi Toshio, Suzuki Sanae, Han Chul, Komaki Sakura
Theme Song: Pale Blue by Yonezu Kenshi

Plot Synopsis

Fate led to Mizuguchi Saki and Obara Koichi to tie the knot. They met by chance three months ago when Saki had an accident on a snowy mountain and was rescued by Koichi who is with the Air Rescue Wing of the Air Self Defence Force. Saki is a fashion magazine editor who grew up in a modern and liberal family while Koichi had a strict, conservative upbringing in a military family. Their lifestyles and values could not be more different but the two of them vow to start a happy life following a whirlwind romance. However, on the day after their wedding, Saki is awakened by the sound of a bugle at 4 am in the morning and made to recite the Obara family’s motto by Koichi. At work, she complains to a junior colleague Sanbongi Natsumi and is told that she would have probably been better off with her ex-boyfriend Aoyama Takaya. On one of their days off, Koichi proposes that they eat out. Saki is pleased but just about everything he does from his fashion sense to his choice of restaurant is wrong. In addition, he imposes his view on her and she ends up venting her frustrations. They get into a big quarrel and decide to get a divorce. But they have difficulty breaking the news that they are already getting divorced to their families, colleagues and friends after their lavish wedding ceremony. They therefore decide to do it in secret. Their parents have surprises in store for them. As Saki and Koichi try to tell Koichi’s parents over dinner that they are considering getting a divorce, his mother and father beat them to it by announcing their own divorce. In addition, there is a a disquieting undercurrent between Saki’s father and mother…

(source: Jdramas @ wordpress)


  • Kitagawa Keiko as Mizuguchi Saki
  • Nagayama Eita as Obara Koichi
  • Takahashi Mitsuomi as Aoyama Takaya
  • Shirasu Jin as Minazuki Ren
  • Tanabe Momoko as Ichinose Jun
  • Miyazaki Yoshiko as Obara Kaoru
  • Sakou Yoshi as Obara Tadashi
  • Hiraiwa Kami as Shikahama Kaede
  • Mitsuishi Kotono as Mizuguchi Midori
  • Sano Shiro as Mizuguchi Takeshi


5 thoughts on “COMPLETED: Rikokatsu

  1. Hello! I’ve just downloaded the whole series, very excited to watch these! Thanks very much for subbing these so fast 🙂


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