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Jo The Receptionist episode 07

Here’s episode 7 of Uketsuke no Jo!

The highlight of this episode is Kumamoto. How she turns from an indifferent and individualistic girl to a genuine team player.

Nishi-senpai is having self insecurities and he has a talk with Jo. On the way home, Niko-chan finds Jo all drunk and passed out on a pile of garbage. She then helps him get home, but then she finds out the truth about Jo’s feelings…

(I can’t help rooting for Niko-chan! I know Jo’s feelings are with Haruguchi and I hope for his happiness, but Niko-chan is such a sweetheart… 💔 I still hope there will be a drastic turn of events in the remaining 3 episodes!)

Translation notes

  • The Subcontract Act:
    An Act by the Japan Fair Trade Commission. The purpose of this Act is, by preventing a delay in payment of subcontract proceeds, etc., to ensure that transactions between main subcontracting entrepreneurs and subcontractors are fair and, at the same time, to protect theinterests of the subcontractors, thereby contributing to the sound development of the national economy.

Episode 07 download

[Hardsub | 1920×1080 | 23 mins | 727 MB]


One thought on “Jo The Receptionist episode 07

  1. Thanks for the sub, I’m always looking forward to it. I also hope that Jo with Niko-chan, I hope the next episode will have a good development


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