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Shitteru Wife episode 07

The things are going more and more complicated, now with the conflict between Motoharu and Sayaka got more obvious. Mio’s feelings seems swaying too, as what she has shown here and there since last episode.

Episode 7 download

[1920×1080 | 46 mins | 1.54 GB]

By the way, I love the last scene very much. The change in Motoharu’s expression really got me. This part! πŸ‘


7 thoughts on “Shitteru Wife episode 07

  1. ahhhh this is such a good episode. God, Motoharu finally fight back. he never do that even when he’s with Mio back then :”) it must be hurt Sayaka pretty hard too.. and the next episode looks good too looking forward to it!

    thank you as always for the sub ❀


  2. thank you very much for subbing this series. During the first episodes I would have loved to punch Motoharu so much (even during episode 5 finale), but during the 6th episode something about him really changed, and I had some kind of change of heart too… so thank you for offering us the chance to follow this series, I really appreciate it ❀


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