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Shin Shinchokoki episode 07

Episode 7: Fret not, I will speed up a little

New enemies show up. They introduce themselves as Matthew Perry, Joan of Arc, and Shi Huangdi. What makes them target Ieyasu, and who is behind them?

Takenaka, Sanada, and Imagawa scheme to kidnap Miyabi to break the unity of the advanced class. When they tell Ieyasu of this plan, Ieyasu shows a surprising reaction.

Being threatened by Kuroyuri High, Nobunaga comes to see Ieyasu to persuade him with something. Ieyasu is angered, but deep inside, he is starting to change.

Translation notes

  • The five principles of water (Mizugokun; 水五訓) by Kuroda Kanbee (source)
  • Fifth principle: “When it spreads out, it fill up the ocean. When it evaporates, it becomes mist, cloud, and rain. It changes into snow and turns into hail. When it congeals, it’s translucent enough to make an exquisite mirror. It is water that never loses its true nature.” It implies to always think according to the laws or nature. Water changes its form according to the temperature, but its essence never changes. It teaches us to always adapt to changes and to make our best out of the environment we’re living in.
  • First principle: “Water moves others with its own movement.” It implies to take the initiative and set the example for others. It teaches us that only telling people to do something won’t move them unless you do it yourself. Be a person who leads others by setting a good example.

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Episode 07 download

[Hardsub | 1920×1080 | 46 mins | 1.63 GB]

My thoughts about this episode

I didn’t expect to love this episode so much! Honestly, I was skeptical about the appearance of the new enemies, I thought they’re unnecessary and serve no purpose at all. But seeing how the story progresses, I love where this is going!

Nobunaga indeed looks like he hasn’t got it in him completely, that’s why he still needs the push from people around him. He hasn’t fully grown yet. With what the Kuroyuri is doing and his plan to rescue Miyabi and Ieyasu, it’s going to get more interesting! I saw the preview for next episode and already felt it’s going to be another great episode. After the Kuroyuri chapter, I guess the last 2 episodes will be about the school president? Because hints have been spread all over about this president. I seriously can’t wait until this part.

There are many lines that I love in this episode. The analogy about clouds, the thing Kuroda said to Takenaka about scars (It took me a great deal of time to translate the words Kuroda said – they’re so beautiful I don’t want to ruin the nuance, I hope it turns out okay). I kind of take it that this sentence is also meant to describe Ieyasu, especially now that we begin to see how he’s still haunted by his past when he killed the professor. Just like Nobunaga, I have grown feelings for Ieyasu too!

But I think the highlight is the principles of water that Kuroda said this episode. It teaches good lesson and it also links with the story and the character. I especially loved when Kuroda recited the first principle about leader, and he meant to say it to Nobunaga. This one!

He literally said “to show that back of yours” which I think he meant that “to lead”. But I still keep the word “back” to link it with the visual. I was very much moved by it.

I can’t wait for ep 8, and I think I need to prepare my heart too, since it looks like it’s going to be colossal.

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