Roppongi Class episode 11

Miyabe wins “Three Stars Stadium” competition and gets the investment from Tanabe. They then proceed to franchise the restaurant.

Time flies to 4 years later, to year 2022. RC has become a big company in food industry, but Arata still has a big dream to surpass Nagaya.

Meanwhile, Chairman Nagaya falls sick and Ryuga is out of jail.

Episode 11 download

Alternative link

[Hardsub | 1920×1080 | 50 mins | 1.68 GB]

PS: Be patient, folks. Two more episodes left, please bear with me!

The highlight of this episode for me is how Aoi keeps teasing his boss. I love cheeky Aoi! 🤣 And I love seeing Arata troubled, haha!

By the way, she’s turned into a super beauty, hasn’t she!? 😍

My super recommended scene! Look how she enjoys teasing him lol.


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